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Breakfast, OK, let’s start with breakfast. I know there have been studies that show the pros and cons of those who eat breakfast and those who skip it. I’ve always been one who eats the first meal of the day.  I find it helps kick start my mind and body in the morning before I start my day.  Right now, what I find to work best are a couple of scrambled eggs using either coconut or olive oil.  A fresh fruit salad using seasonal fruit.  I do use berries year round for the vitamins and antioxidants. And one cup of coffee.

To mix it up, I like to add spinach to the eggs for the added iron.  The vitamin C in my fruit salad helps to absorb that iron.  Adding kale to the eggs is beneficial in providing calcium to absorb the vitamin D from the egg yolk.  Some people may need to use another vitamin D source other than the egg if they are watching cholesterol.

From time to time, I’ll eat my eggs in a whole grain tortilla with fresh salsa.  I get my vitamin C from the salsa.  But I only do that occasionally because the grains can actually hinder the absorption of the calcium and iron.  If you follow a Paleo recipe, you will want pay attention to grains.

Through the years, I’ve gone away from eating cereals for a couple of reasons.  One being, there is too much added sugar to today’s cereals. Also, my system doesn’t do well with milk.  Milk has an impact on my sinus congestion so I use coconut/almond milk instead. I use it in my coffee as well.  One thing I do like when the weather gets cold is oatmeal.  I like this warm satiating food in the winter with cinnamon and local honey. With only one gram of sugar (not added sugar), oatmeal gets digested slowly without causing a spike in blood sugar.

I think the important thing is to give your body some protein, fiber, carbs found in fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals found in whole foods.  Take the time to watch your eating patterns, especially if you are not a breakfast eater or you don’t have a lot of time in the morning.  Start your day and continue your day with a healthy eating diet.  In the long run, these things matter.