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Rest for Body and Mind

Sleeping is an essential factor for every human being. Without it, not much will function well with our bodies. However, much has changed since evolution. So much is surrounding people for instance work stress thus getting a good sleep is becoming almost impossible nowadays. But with practices like meditation, getting a good sleep and rest can be possible.
Scientists have proven that the brain is always working even when we are resting or sleeping. Research also shows that resting and sleeping has a lot of benefits for us which are why we should do it often without feeling guilty about it. One of the advantages is that sleeping enhances memory and learning. It also promotes the excretion of hormones that affect appetite and growth. Sleep is also essential since it helps the body recover after a long and tedious day at work. It does that through restoring energy and repairing muscle tissue. It is also vital in preventing weight gain because it increases our body metabolism. Failure to get enough sleep will leave you feeling tired and groggy as well as make you have difficulty remembering.
Resting, sleeping and meditating increase productivity that explains why it is important to give employees vacations occasionally. It also triggers creativity and improves attention span. Relaxation in the form of meditation has the effect of relieving anxiety and stress as well as boosting someone’s mood. You can also relax by finding entertainment and laughter that may reduce pain, promote the functioning of the lungs and heart, reduce anxiety and increase muscle relaxation. Lack of adequate relaxation may result in health complications such as chest pain, digestive issues, low concentration, headaches, anxiety, low libido and depression.
Finding a balance in life is also crucial. It entails taking care of ourselves holistically. That is done by ensuring that besides work, we are also getting quality sleep, exercise, eat well and have a healthy social life. Meditation as a practice is a key component in ensuring you turn your focus inward and away from your outside daily stresses. That way your body and mind will be at ease and get the relaxation they require.
With all the benefits of sleep and relaxation listed above, meditation proves to be of great significance. Encourage yourself to meditate often thus enabling you to drift away from the daily stress of life. With all that behind you, a good sleep should come knocking, helping you to relax and face a day feeling much better.


Keeping fit is crucial for healthy living. This can be achieved by different types of workouts like biking, spinning, Pilates and yoga among others. The workouts are helpful in weight loss, muscle and bone strengthening, physical stability, flexibility and prevention of diseases. Proper nutrition should also be observed in order to get the best results from exercise. After every fitness activity, the body should rest and so sleep is essential to achieve this. You will find that you will have more quality sleep.

Spinning is a cardio workout that involves stationary cycling  set to music. It is meant for people who want a motivating workout that they can control at their own pace. It employs the use of a stationary bike with different tension levels. The bike tracks your progress hence motivating you to accomplish your fitness goals. It is a low impact activity which is helpful in balancing high impact exercises like running. This workout is conducted by a certified instructor who gives guidelines on how much resistance to add, how fast to pedal, when to perform certain movements like sitting and standing and how hard you should work. The workout has numerous benefits including; burning calories, building muscle tone, increased cardio endurance, stress relieving and adjustable tempo among others.

Yoga workout is a full body workout that harmonizes the mind, body and soul through various breathing techniques, stretching poses and meditation. It is helpful in restoring balance through strengthening of the body, calming of the mind, regaining focus, muscle toning, burning of calories and improving self confidence. These workouts also offer relief from chronic illnesses as they are therapeutic. There are many yoga workouts and the intensity level of the workout depends on the type of yoga performed. The workouts can be performed either indoors or outdoors.

Pilates and yoga workouts are similar. The difference is that Pilates workouts are meant to relax tense muscles and strengthen the numerous muscles in the body while yoga improves the flexibility of the whole body. Pilates workouts are gentle but can also be challenging as it is an extremely flexible exercise. It helps in creating an evenly conditioned body, gaining lean muscles and flexibility and developing flat abdominals and strong back.

The numerous fitness activities available give you an option to choose which activity suits you best depending on your fitness goals. These goals can be achieved through regular workouts and training. You do not need to spend a lot of money as some of them can be done at home or joining in an activity with a group of friends which makes it extremely fun.


Meditation and Sleep

Our bodies and minds are directly affected by the happenings of our immediate surroundings. This affect can be experienced either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Meditation primarily focuses on training the mind. There are several types of meditation, some of which include concentration or mindfulness. In concentration meditation, the mind is trained to focus on a single point in order to avoid wandering thoughts. One may focus on breathing patterns, listening to a repetitive sound or chanting. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, trains us to focus on the present moment. This is done through observation of thoughts, feelings and sensations. You are not to make any judgments or think about the past and future.

Meditation is helpful in many situations. Some of which include

It helps in improved and peaceful sleep

Sleep is important in relaxing the body and mind. After a long day, everybody wants to have a restful sound sleep so that you can wake up refreshed. Due to certain factors like stress at work, relationships just to name a few one might be deprived of a good nights sleep. Meditation helps in reduction of stress, anxiety and depression causing you to relax and sleep.

It eases pain

Meditation involves focusing on a particular thing. When you have back pain, arthritis, neck pain among others focusing on something else in deep thought takes your mind away from the pain you experiencing.

Improved moods

There is a common saying you are what you think you are. Most of the times, the mind tends to focus on the negative happenings. Meditation helps you to focus on positive outcomes and thoughts improving your moods significantly.

Helps the body to heal faster as well as have a prolonged life

Meditation is said to help in restoring the bodys homeostatic balance assisting in quick healing from some diseases. Some studies have shown that it also prevents DNA degradation hence keeping a person alive for longer.

Improved ability to focus on a task at hand

Meditation is all about controlling your thoughts and focusing on one thing. It also focuses on positive outcomes. It is very helpful in avoiding emotional distractions especially when faced with sensitive or difficult situations. It helps in better decision making through focusing.

In summary, meditation is important for overall well being of the body. It can help you sleep better, have a relaxed body and mind. In some instances, it is said that meditation immensely improves your sex life.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Exercising For People of All Ages

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When it comes to exercising many people of clearly aware that it is good for. However, most people are completely unaware of the vast array of positive changes that occur in the body with consistent exercise. Exercise can include anything from weight lifting to running to aerobics. Even walking has pronounced health benefits. The more you exercise the more positive effect it has on your body and overall health. Below is a list of 5 surprising health benefits of exercising that will motivate you to start an exercise routine.;

Benefits of Exercising;

  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Better Memory Recall
  • Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Removal of Artery Plaques;
  • Better Nutrient Delivery & Absorption

Improved Cognitive Function

One of the most unique benefits of exercising is that your cognitive function improves and not by just a little. It has been proven through multiple studies that test subjects to exercised showed improvement in problem-solving ability while those who did not exercise consistently saw no change.;

Better Memory Recall

In addition to improved problem-solving ability, people who exercise also have better memory recall. The precise reason for this is unknown, but scientific evidence has proven that exercise also drastically improves recall.;

Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the leading diseases amongst;the elderly. Even when it is in its late stages, exercise helps to stimulate osteoblast activity in the bones. Osteoblast are cells that are responsible for generating new bone matrix. When exercising there is stress placed on the bones that results in a lot of microscopic fractures. When this is detected the body not only is there an increase in bone building cells, but there also an increase in calcium uptake accompanied by a decrease in calcium excretion.;

Removal of Artery Plaques;

Exercise stimulates the circulation of blood through the body. When you exercise circulation and heart beat dramatically increase. Therefore, the blood is flowing at a faster rate and produces more force. This force helps to break off tiny pieces of plaques that have formed on the arteries. The overall result is decreased risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots.;

Better Nutrient Delivery &;Absorption

Another benefit of rapid blood flow is higher nutrient absorption. The circulation blood carries nutrients and delivers them to various parts of the body. With a faster blood rate tissues in the body receive;a sizeable increase in the uptake of essential nutrients.


Exercise carries with it an amazing array of different health benefits no matter what age you are. It can be used a preventative measure for many disease no matter the stage of life.;

diet; cooking with fresh foods from the farmer’s markets.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is important in maintaining good overall health of the body. It involves taking more of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes and limiting the intake of processed foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that are vital for the health of your body. Farmers markets are full of these fruits and vegetables depending on which season it is.

There are many benefits of cooking with fresh foods from the farmers market some of which include;

·;;;;;;;; They provide fresh produce which is at the peak in flavor and nutrition. These fruits and vegetables are gotten directly from the farm and highly nutritious as well as tasty.

·;;;;;;;; Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These are important in the diet as they help in; boosting the immune system of the body, preventing and fighting diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart attack among others and also strengthening body tissues.

·;;;;;;;; Fresh markets offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This provides you with an opportunity to try out new fruits and vegetables as well as gather information on their importance in your body from farmers. You are also able to get several recipes on preparing your vegetables and incorporating it in your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal which makes them unavailable at times especially during the winter. When they are plenty in the farmers market during summer and sometimes in spring and autumn; it is important to preserve them in order to have them in your diet during winter. The following methods are used for preserving vegetables and fruits;

Canning-This process involves packing your vegetables in cans and tightly sealing them to prevent any bacterial growth from occurring in the cans.

Freezing-This is storing your food in freezing temperatures by using a freezer. Cold temperatures slow down any bacterial growth.

Pickling vegetables by soaking in an acidic liquid- The liquids used include; vinegar, lemon juice, pomegranate juice just to name a few. Vegetables preserved using this method can be used as alternatives to fresh salads.

By using salt- High amounts of salt preserves vegetables to an almost fresh state. This method is ideal for preserving; cauliflower, spinach, kales among others. Low amount of salts makes the vegetables to ferment. It is through this that you can get sauerkraut from cabbage. This method is also ideal for; turnips, rutabagas, and kohlrabies. This provides you with delicious wintertime sandwich and burger toppings/ garnish for charcuterie.

seeds for nutrition;the benefits of seeds in your diet.


Healthy food intake plays a vital role in our bodies. This is because healthy food contains essential nutrients to enable optimal functioning of the body giving you overall good health. Seeds for nutrition like; Chia, Hemp and flax contain; dietary fiber, proteins, healthy fats and various antioxidants. These nutrients contained in these seeds are important in the body as they perform the following functions;

Aids in digestion

The dietary fibre contained in these seeds cannot be digested. It is important as it regulates bowel movements and adds bulk to stool. It also helps you be full quicker and for long. This is crucial because the sugar absorbed during digestion has enough time to be metabolized hence providing energy. Being full for long reduces appetite reducing constant intake of food. This can help in weight loss.

Repairs skin and sows down aging

These seeds are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are helpful in speeding up the skins repair system preventing further damage.

Prevention of certain diseases

These seeds are rich in healthy fats which fight excessive inflammation, regulate cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. This is helpful preventing heart related diseases as well diabetes. These fats are healthy as compared to other fats that are found in animal products. The Alpha-linolenic Acid is a type of omega-3 fatty acid found in these seeds. It is important in the body as it maintains brain function and nourishes red blood cells. It is also important in fighting both breast and cervical cancer. Studies have shown that the Alpha-Linolenic Acid causes death to cancer cells without harming the normal body cells.

Increased metabolism and energy

Taking these seeds slows down digestion giving the sugars in the body time to be completely metabolized providing energy. This energy enables you to do your chores well. For those who exercise, the increased energy is essential in weight loss. These seeds also reduce visceral adipose tissue which adversely affects metabolism.

Strong bones and dental health

These seeds are rich in; calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese among others. Calcium is important in the body as it strengthens body muscles and bones. Calcium and Phosphorous found in these seeds are essential for strong teeth and a healthy mouth.

The benefits of having these seeds for nutrition in your diets are many. They contain all the essential nutrients in one pack. The proteins in these seeds also help you get a lean body, burn of extra fat as well balance blood sugar levels.


The Nutritional and Fiber Benefits of Seeds in Your Diet

When is the last time you included seeds in your diet? If you are like most people it is a long time. Seeds are essential for good health. There are many different kinds of seeds for nutrition that you can add to your diet on a regular basis, but there are some that have proved to be much more helpful to health. The top 3 seeds that you should be consuming are chia, flax and hemp seeds. This doesnt mean that you should only eat these you should eat any other seeds you can find locally. Let us look at chia, flax and hemp seeds to see what befits each one has.

Hemp seeds

By eating 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds you will enjoy many benefits. They are very low in calories just 90 per serving and you get a whole lot of nutrition. They are excellent in reducing pain and inflammation and they are also a great source of proteins. If you are a vegetarian you should include hemp seeds in your diet to make sure that you get enough protein. There are many ways that you can consume these seeds you can, for example, add them to a pesto.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are also quite low calorie-wise one tablespoon contains about 70 calories. One important benefit of chia seeds is that they help you avoid weight gain and if you are already overweight they will help you lose weight. This is because they have a lot of fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer and also hastens digestion. Chia seeds are also excellent for heart health and they will give you stronger bones. You can add them to puddings if you dont like the taste you can neutralize it with vanilla extract.


Flaxseeds are also excellent for good nutrition. They are low in calories 75 in 2 tablespoons. Research has shown that they are excellent for preventing diabetes if diabetes runs in your family you should include these seeds in your diet. They are also an excellent source t of Omega 3s in fact, they are a better source than salmon. Flax seeds are best eaten in your morning oatmeal. You can also snack on them during the day. Flaxseeds are also high in fiber so they can help you lose weight.

By including these seeds for nutrition you will enjoy much better health and you will also keep many diseases at bay.

The Benefits of Meditation and Sleep for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Mediation was once viewed as a preserve of those practicing Eastern religions; not any more. Scientific research has shown that meditation is essential if you want to live a healthy life. Meditation is simply taking a few minutes out of your day to detach yourself from all that is happening around you and focus on your inner self. There are many benefits of meditation. For one, people who meditate on a regular basis report that they experience less stress – they learn how to focus on what is important instead of the little things that nag them.

Meditation has also proved to be critical for happiness – if you meditate regularly you will have a more positive outlook towards life which also contributes to overall health. Did you know that meditation is also helpful in reducing pain and inflammation? If, for instance, yo0u suffer frequent headaches you should try and meditate for a few minutes each day – you will notice that your headaches aren’t as frequent or as painful. You will also realize that your mind is much more focused and you will go about your daily activities with ease.

The other thing that you have to get enough of is sleep. Today, people are sleeping much less than they did in the past – they have to work longer hours, commutes are longer which means that they get home late or they are simply distracted by all the technology that is around them – how many times have you stayed up late watching TV or on your phone? You have to make enough time for sleep if you want to be healthy. You should be getting at least 6 hours every night – make sure that you sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. This keeps your body clock regular.

You should make sure that your bedroom is conducive to sleep. Hang heavy drapes so as to keep the light out. You should also get rid of things like TV’s and computers – make your bedroom a place where you can sleep without any activities to keep you awake. One frequently asked question when it comes to sleep is whether staying up late during the week and then sleeping in is helpful. As a matter of fact it isn’t. You cannot catch up on sleep; if you want to stay healthy and focused you should get enough sleep every day.

Exercise is Vital if You Want to Live a Long, Healthy Life

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As people get busier exercise is one of the first casualties – they either don’t work out at all or they work out less and less. In addition to that, most jobs are now sedentary – people are required to work for long hours at their desks which means that they get even less exercise than they did on the past. If you have been living like this you can be sure that you will not live a very healthy life. Exercise is just as important as diet when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

One reason that people don’t exercise is that; they view it as a chore – it is something that you have to pay for at a gym, you have to lift weights, your muscles will be sore and so on. If this is the way that you feel about working out you can approach things in a whole different way. You should start doing the kind of exercise that you enjoy. If you like to dance put on some music a couple of times a week and get your workout that way. If you enjoy the outdoors why not make time to go hiking on weekends? If you have kids get out in the yard with them and kick around a football – you will be surprised at how these simple things can keep you healthy.

You can also sneak exercises into your daily activities. You don’t have to drive to the grocery store – you can either walk there or you can ride a bike – both will give you enough of a workout. Another way to sneak exercise in is to take the stairs instead of the elevator – if you are worried that you will get sweaty keep an extra shirt or blouse in the office that you can change into. You will be surprised that doing this 2 or 3 times a week can make a whole lot of difference in your fitness.

Most people stop working out altogether when they become middle-aged. This is the most vital time for you to work out if you want to be healthy in your senior years. It will help you avoid chronic illnesses such as heart disease which cuts many lives short. Exercise will also keep you feeling younger than your years. Again, since you are not looking to get ripped you don’t have to join a gym – just do whatever isfun for you that makes you break a sweat.

Cooking Fresh Foods from the Farmers Market for Better Health

For many people, busy lifestyles mean that they do not have enough time to find and cook fresh food – they eat whatever is convenient to find which in most cases is either junk or processed foods. While it is okay to consume these things once in a while they should not become a part of your lifestyle. As you may well know, junk is bad for you – you consume too many unhealthy fats and too much salt and you eventually could develop chronic illness. Processed foods are not good for you either – they contain too much sugar as well as preservatives which can lead to different cancers and also diseases such as diabetes. If you want to live a long and healthy life you should consume a diet that is made up of fresh foods as much as possible.

Fresh foods are the ones that you find at the farmers market. They include fresh fruits and vegetables, staples such as potatoes, healthy pasta and healthy bread as well as fresh, lean cuts of meat, fish, chicken and turkey. It may seem impossible to stick to a diet like this especially for busy people but with small changes in your schedule you can easily change to a much healthier diet. Start by finding out what time the farmers market near you opens – most are open early in the morning so that people can shop and still make it to work on time. If you cannot make it to the market do not despair – most markets are run by co-ops and for a little extra money they can drop off your foods for you at home. Just call the co-op and see what kind of arrangement you can come up with. Make sure to buy enough food to last a week.

If you are like most people you don’t have the time to cook during the week. The best way to make sure that you stick to a diet of fresh food is to cook in bulk during the week and freeze various dishes. That way, all you need to do is thaw and then pop food into the microwave – a few minutes each day and you will have a healthy meal ready to eat. There are many recipes online that you can help you come up with a variety of healthy, delicious dishes.

To make sure that you eat healthy even in winter look online to see different methods of preservation such as pickling. If you have a large freezer you can pickle enough food to last through the winter months.