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Maintaining Your Diet During those Frigid Winter Months

Maintaining your diet


It can be difficult maintaining your diet during the winter months. With the icy and frigid temperatures, a lot of people choose to stay home and keep warm. Sadly, the winter season is notorious for contributing to immobility and weight gain. In fact, even people that do their workouts indoors at local gyms tend to slack off due to snow and other harsh weather elements. With this in mind, there are still key ways of maintaining your diet and have nutritional meals throughout the season. In fact, canning, freezing and preserving or pickling foods for the winter continues to soar in national and global popularity.

The Benefits of Farmers Markets for Diets

Local farmers markets specialize in whole, organic and fresh foods. This mainly includes fresh fruits and vegetables, which are not tainted with preservatives and other harmful chemicals. If you want to eat light, right, and healthy during winter it is best to purchase your items at local markets. They can even show you how to can, freeze, and preserve or pickle your favorite fruits and vegetables for the winter season. You can also exercise from the comfort of your own home if you do not want to go out. In fact, exercising from home can truly save you on expensive gym and fitness membership plans. With maintaining your diet during the winter and exercising, you are guaranteed to lose weight and get back into shape!

If you are unable to pick up items from the local markets during spring and summer, there are other alternatives. In fact, you can visit health food stores to purchase existing pickled and preserved items as well. This is a great way to eat right, feel right, and maintain any diet plans you have going. Another great way to stay in shape is by simply walking around your home. In fact, 15-30 minutes of brisk and steady walking around your home can truly help improve respiratory functionality and performance. If you have a treadmill at home, that too is a great way to build speed, endurance, and agility while losing weight and feeling great.

By eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you truly get the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals. You can also secure the right amounts of protein, which are vital in converting fat into lean and healthy muscle. For more information on eating right and securing longevity, simply speak to a fitness coach or nutritional expert today. They can truly help you meet all your diet and fitness goals across the board.

Nutrition and Fiber Benefits of Seeds in your Diet


Seeds for nutrition

Nuts and seeds are a healthy source of nutrition and a good number of us aren’t devouring enough of them. They are a fantastic natural source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber. Depending on whose list you look at, the number one healthiest nut is either the almond or the walnut, but there’s no way to actually grade them. The “healthiest nut” is the one with the nutrients your body mainly requires on a certain day but no one knows which one that is. Therefore the best approach is to eat a mixture of seeds in your daily diet.

Dietary Fiber

Nuts and seeds improve your health by offering a source of dietary fiber which is a specific type of carbohydrate found in plant-based foods.

The top healthiest seeds are;

a) Flax seeds are certainly at the top of the list. Two tablespoons of powdered flaxseed per day are best and simple to add to smoothies or oatmeal. Barleans Cold-Pressed Organic Flax Oil is the best source of parent omega-3’s which is better than fish oil and lignans, super anti-oxidants that aid in fighting cancer. It also has a lot of fiber and can lessen your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

b) Chia Seeds are very healthy seeds rich in omega-3 oils, protein, anti-oxidants, calcium, and fiber.

c) Hemp seeds are an endorsed superfood with heart disease and cancer deterrence properties. They are high in fiber and protein, with balanced fatty acids and omega 3 and 6.

d) Sunflower seeds also aid in preventing cancer and heart disease with selenium, copper, Vitamin E, folate and phytochemical.

e) Pumpkin Seeds are wonderful for your immune system with heaps of zinc, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

f) Sesame Seeds are a good source of B1, phosphorus, iron, fiber and magnesium. They are able to protect against liver damage and lower blood pressure. Sesame seeds have also been associated with prevention of many diseases such as asthma, migraine, arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause, headaches and may even decreasePMS symptoms.

g) Bitter fruit seeds, Apple seeds, and Apricot seeds have Amygdalin, aka VitaminB17, which has potent anti-cancer properties.  There are many instances of people who have cured their cancer with just Apricot kernels. The pharmaceutical; Laetrile, which is a concentrated variety of Amygdalin, has been utilized in cancer clinics beyond the US for over 50 years.

Consuming raw seeds and nuts on a daily basis provides more natural energy than any other food. They’re suitable if you want a quick, healthy snack that is still low in calories.

Seeds for Nutrition

chia seeds
 When it comes to seeds for nutrition, many people are missing out. People may munch on nuts from time to time but seeds are simply missed as a part of their diet. It can be valuable to include them in your diet because they have many health benefits. Not all seeds are the same though, there are some that are packed with more nutrition than others. If you are going to start a diet plan that includes eating seeds, make sure to include these 3 power houses:


One tablespoon of these super seeds has only 60 calories but you also get 3 grams protein, 3 grams fat and 5 grams carbs. If you have digestion problems, this is a seed that can help because it is packed full of fiber. Just one tablespoon is enough to get your bowels moving. It is also an excellent seed to eat if you are looking to lose weight – when it mixes with digestive juices it swells which makes you feel full for a longer time thus reducing your need to snack. It also contains more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon and has strong anti-oxidant properties that help keep away infections and inflammation.
Chia seeds can be black or white but so far research hasn’t shown any differences in terms of the nutrition that it provides. You can eat chia seeds with yogurt, salads and in different kinds of smoothies.


One tablespoon will give you only 57 calories, 3 grams protein, 4 grams fat and 1 gram carbs. These seeds are soft to the bite but they are great because they provide so much plant protein. If you are a vegetarian, they are a must – they will easily fulfill most of your protein needs. In fact, they come highly recommended for anyone who is looking to build muscle. They also contain calcium, iron and magnesium and because of this they are important for heart health slowing down cardiovascular disease. Because they taste great you can eat them by themselves or you can add them to anything from salads to soups.


These are also rather tasty and just one tablespoonful will give you 37 calories, 1 gram protein, 3 grams fat and 2 grams carbs. They help slow down digestion so they are great for weight loss. They have  been proven beneficial in lowering blood sugar and are helpful in warding off cardiovascular disease.
If you add these 3 seeds to your diet you will give your health a big boost.

Improve Your Diet by Cooking With Fresh Foods

Healthy Whole Foods
Everyone wants to live for as long as possible but unfortunately few of us do what it takes to do so. We are often too busy with work, social life, family and other things to make sure that we eat a healthy diet. This is a problem – one contributing factor to a long and healthy life is eating a proper diet. If you eat take-out and processed foods more than a couple of times a week you are damaging your health and shortening your lifespan. You should make more time to cook fresh foods with ingredients from a farmers market near you.

 Finding Fresh Sources

Most people will argue that they do not have the time that it takes to go shopping at a farmers market. This is not necessarily true. There are ways to get around the time constraint. For one thing, there are websites that allow you to buy fresh foods and have them delivered to your door. In fact, these are great because they often have discount deals on foods that are in season and they also offer reduced prices for those who buy in bulk. If you choose to buy online make sure that you find a source that sells organic foods – they are healthier for you in the long run.
If you don’t want to go online, track down whoever runs your local farmers market and ask them if they can deliver groceries to your door. They are usually happy to do it and you will not pay much for it. All you have to do is call them every week and let them know what you will be buying and everything will be brought to your door.
Remember to always buy foods that constitute a balanced diet. You should include healthy proteins such as lean beef, fish and poultry. Include tofu or beans if you are vegetarian. Lots of vegetables, healthy carbohydrates as well as fruits and nuts.
It would be worthwhile if you could learn how to preserve foods. This way even when you buy in bulk you can preserve so that even when certain foods go out of season you don’t have to change your diet. There are different ways of food preservation and you can find them all online. Canning, pickling and freezing are the most common methods. Look for videos that take you through a step by step process. You may invest in a separate freezer so that you can store as much as possible.
If you stick to eating fresh foods made with ingredients from the farmers market you are going to add quality years to your life.

Seeds for Nutrition in your Diet.

Nutrition for health
Nutrition for health

Seeds are the one superfood that has been missing in your diet. Seeds that can be chewed and digested have a lot of nutritional benefits and are incredibly good for your health.

Chia seeds (tiny black seeds) have a lot of fiber in them. Fiber is particularly important in your diet because it immensely helps with  digestion. Fiber in your diet can be equated to the oil of an engine. Everything functions smoothly when there is oil in a vehicle but if not, everything clogs up and the same can occur in you digestive tract with regards to fiber. Fiber also helps bowel movements to be smooth and avoids constipation which in addition to being painful can lead to more complications.

Seeds such as flax seeds are also a major source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for necessary brain development. They help the brain function optimally which means your body functions better too. They come in a close second to fish as a DHA source which is the ingredient in Omega 3 fatty acids that the brain needs. Therefore, if you live somewhere where fish is not very readily available, then seeds should be in your diet.

Proteins are what build muscles and help to repair torn ones. If your body is a house, then proteins are the bricks or the stones. Seeds contain high quality protein that the body needs. Animal proteins are the primary sources of protein but seeds rank highest among protein providers in the plant kingdom. If one does not eat meat or eggs for physiological or philosophical reasons then seeds should be your “go to” source. Hemp seeds are the most protein filled seeds. They also provide you with lean sources of protein which might not be the case with animal protein that may contain copious amounts of fat.

Eating seeds for nutrition is a sagacious idea since they contain a lot of micronutrients. A single seed of flax contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese among many other minerals. You will also get vitamins such as B1, B5 and B6. Moreover, when you eat seeds for nutrition, you get all of the nutritional benefits with none of the weight gain since they pack a very low calorie punch. Therefore if you want to lose weight, seeds are a very appropriate alternative since you maintain your health while losing the unwanted fat.

Cooking with Farmer’s Market Finds

fresh diet
fresh diet

The farmers’ market is not only for old people. Everyone should go to the farmers market since you can buy locally grown fresh foods that are organically cultivated. Fresh foods are what the body needs. The body’s cells die and are regenerated every second of every day. The body requires food of the same nature. It requires food that is not dead yet. Foods that have vitality. Plant foods can be better for you than foods from animals. Fresh foods should be the mainstay of every person’s diet. When the body gets accustomed to eating fresh foods, you will experience a particular vitality that you have never felt before.

Fresh foods should also be cooked properly. Cooking is primarily used to break down raw food so that the bodies’ natural enzymes can process it easily.  Once food is heated, it is more readily absorbed by the body. However, overcooking  will lead to the loss of the nutrients that the body needs. Cooking should be done only as much as necessary. Cooking also enables the consumer to mix certain ingredients such as spices and herbs that are also beneficial to the body’s well-being. Cooking your own food helps us to appreciate our meals and snacks from the farmers market.

Not all foods should be cooked. There are certain fresh foods that should be consumed in their natural state. The above is primarily the case with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Vegetables such as lettuce should be eaten raw so as to get the most out of their nutritional benefits. Other vegetables such as broccoli and brussel sprouts should only be slightly steamed or heated to unleash their nutritional power. However seasonal vegetables like kale should be cooked to get their full nutritional value. All these vegetables are very important to your diet. Seasonal fruits such as pears, apples and berries should be enjoyed in their respective season and when the season changes, be sure to find what fresh.

Fresh foods can be stored as well for future consumption especially during winter. It would be economically unsound to visit the farmers’ market every day but thankfully there are ways to ensure fresh foods remain fresh until your next trip to the farmers’ market. Certain techniques such as canning, freezing and pickling can be used to retain the integrity for fresh foods for as long as possible.


diet; cooking with fresh foods from the farmer’s markets.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is important in maintaining good overall health of the body. It involves taking more of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes and limiting the intake of processed foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that are vital for the health of your body. Farmers markets are full of these fruits and vegetables depending on which season it is.

There are many benefits of cooking with fresh foods from the farmers market some of which include;

·;;;;;;;; They provide fresh produce which is at the peak in flavor and nutrition. These fruits and vegetables are gotten directly from the farm and highly nutritious as well as tasty.

·;;;;;;;; Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These are important in the diet as they help in; boosting the immune system of the body, preventing and fighting diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart attack among others and also strengthening body tissues.

·;;;;;;;; Fresh markets offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This provides you with an opportunity to try out new fruits and vegetables as well as gather information on their importance in your body from farmers. You are also able to get several recipes on preparing your vegetables and incorporating it in your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal which makes them unavailable at times especially during the winter. When they are plenty in the farmers market during summer and sometimes in spring and autumn; it is important to preserve them in order to have them in your diet during winter. The following methods are used for preserving vegetables and fruits;

Canning-This process involves packing your vegetables in cans and tightly sealing them to prevent any bacterial growth from occurring in the cans.

Freezing-This is storing your food in freezing temperatures by using a freezer. Cold temperatures slow down any bacterial growth.

Pickling vegetables by soaking in an acidic liquid- The liquids used include; vinegar, lemon juice, pomegranate juice just to name a few. Vegetables preserved using this method can be used as alternatives to fresh salads.

By using salt- High amounts of salt preserves vegetables to an almost fresh state. This method is ideal for preserving; cauliflower, spinach, kales among others. Low amount of salts makes the vegetables to ferment. It is through this that you can get sauerkraut from cabbage. This method is also ideal for; turnips, rutabagas, and kohlrabies. This provides you with delicious wintertime sandwich and burger toppings/ garnish for charcuterie.

seeds for nutrition;the benefits of seeds in your diet.


Healthy food intake plays a vital role in our bodies. This is because healthy food contains essential nutrients to enable optimal functioning of the body giving you overall good health. Seeds for nutrition like; Chia, Hemp and flax contain; dietary fiber, proteins, healthy fats and various antioxidants. These nutrients contained in these seeds are important in the body as they perform the following functions;

Aids in digestion

The dietary fibre contained in these seeds cannot be digested. It is important as it regulates bowel movements and adds bulk to stool. It also helps you be full quicker and for long. This is crucial because the sugar absorbed during digestion has enough time to be metabolized hence providing energy. Being full for long reduces appetite reducing constant intake of food. This can help in weight loss.

Repairs skin and sows down aging

These seeds are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are helpful in speeding up the skins repair system preventing further damage.

Prevention of certain diseases

These seeds are rich in healthy fats which fight excessive inflammation, regulate cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. This is helpful preventing heart related diseases as well diabetes. These fats are healthy as compared to other fats that are found in animal products. The Alpha-linolenic Acid is a type of omega-3 fatty acid found in these seeds. It is important in the body as it maintains brain function and nourishes red blood cells. It is also important in fighting both breast and cervical cancer. Studies have shown that the Alpha-Linolenic Acid causes death to cancer cells without harming the normal body cells.

Increased metabolism and energy

Taking these seeds slows down digestion giving the sugars in the body time to be completely metabolized providing energy. This energy enables you to do your chores well. For those who exercise, the increased energy is essential in weight loss. These seeds also reduce visceral adipose tissue which adversely affects metabolism.

Strong bones and dental health

These seeds are rich in; calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese among others. Calcium is important in the body as it strengthens body muscles and bones. Calcium and Phosphorous found in these seeds are essential for strong teeth and a healthy mouth.

The benefits of having these seeds for nutrition in your diets are many. They contain all the essential nutrients in one pack. The proteins in these seeds also help you get a lean body, burn of extra fat as well balance blood sugar levels.


The Nutritional and Fiber Benefits of Seeds in Your Diet

When is the last time you included seeds in your diet? If you are like most people it is a long time. Seeds are essential for good health. There are many different kinds of seeds for nutrition that you can add to your diet on a regular basis, but there are some that have proved to be much more helpful to health. The top 3 seeds that you should be consuming are chia, flax and hemp seeds. This doesnt mean that you should only eat these you should eat any other seeds you can find locally. Let us look at chia, flax and hemp seeds to see what befits each one has.

Hemp seeds

By eating 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds you will enjoy many benefits. They are very low in calories just 90 per serving and you get a whole lot of nutrition. They are excellent in reducing pain and inflammation and they are also a great source of proteins. If you are a vegetarian you should include hemp seeds in your diet to make sure that you get enough protein. There are many ways that you can consume these seeds you can, for example, add them to a pesto.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are also quite low calorie-wise one tablespoon contains about 70 calories. One important benefit of chia seeds is that they help you avoid weight gain and if you are already overweight they will help you lose weight. This is because they have a lot of fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer and also hastens digestion. Chia seeds are also excellent for heart health and they will give you stronger bones. You can add them to puddings if you dont like the taste you can neutralize it with vanilla extract.


Flaxseeds are also excellent for good nutrition. They are low in calories 75 in 2 tablespoons. Research has shown that they are excellent for preventing diabetes if diabetes runs in your family you should include these seeds in your diet. They are also an excellent source t of Omega 3s in fact, they are a better source than salmon. Flax seeds are best eaten in your morning oatmeal. You can also snack on them during the day. Flaxseeds are also high in fiber so they can help you lose weight.

By including these seeds for nutrition you will enjoy much better health and you will also keep many diseases at bay.

Cooking Fresh Foods from the Farmers Market for Better Health

For many people, busy lifestyles mean that they do not have enough time to find and cook fresh food – they eat whatever is convenient to find which in most cases is either junk or processed foods. While it is okay to consume these things once in a while they should not become a part of your lifestyle. As you may well know, junk is bad for you – you consume too many unhealthy fats and too much salt and you eventually could develop chronic illness. Processed foods are not good for you either – they contain too much sugar as well as preservatives which can lead to different cancers and also diseases such as diabetes. If you want to live a long and healthy life you should consume a diet that is made up of fresh foods as much as possible.

Fresh foods are the ones that you find at the farmers market. They include fresh fruits and vegetables, staples such as potatoes, healthy pasta and healthy bread as well as fresh, lean cuts of meat, fish, chicken and turkey. It may seem impossible to stick to a diet like this especially for busy people but with small changes in your schedule you can easily change to a much healthier diet. Start by finding out what time the farmers market near you opens – most are open early in the morning so that people can shop and still make it to work on time. If you cannot make it to the market do not despair – most markets are run by co-ops and for a little extra money they can drop off your foods for you at home. Just call the co-op and see what kind of arrangement you can come up with. Make sure to buy enough food to last a week.

If you are like most people you don’t have the time to cook during the week. The best way to make sure that you stick to a diet of fresh food is to cook in bulk during the week and freeze various dishes. That way, all you need to do is thaw and then pop food into the microwave – a few minutes each day and you will have a healthy meal ready to eat. There are many recipes online that you can help you come up with a variety of healthy, delicious dishes.

To make sure that you eat healthy even in winter look online to see different methods of preservation such as pickling. If you have a large freezer you can pickle enough food to last through the winter months.