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Diet: Fresh Foods from the Farmers Market

farmers market

The farmers market is both a fun and healthful way to add fresh foods to your diet. Most people buy their food from the supermarket, it is simply more convenient sometimes. What they don’t realize is that 80% of supermarket foods are processed. Processed foods, as many already know, are bad for your health. First of all, they contain a lot of chemical preservatives that accumulate in the body and can eventually cause various forms of cancer. Second, processed foods contain a lot of sugar. It is best to stick to the outside aisles in a supermarket because that is where the fresh whole foods are usually found.

If you want to eat a healthy diet you should focus on fresh foods such as those that you get at the farmers market. These foods come directly from the farm and since they have’nt undergone any form of processing they don’t contain any chemicals. Any sugar that is contained in these foods are natural sugars. In fact, everything that you need to make a meal can be found in the farmers market. You will find fresh, farm-bred meats, chicken and sometimes fish. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh nuts to snack on between meals.

Farmers markets are seasonal in most areas and close down in the winter months. But with a little preparation and a couple of weekends you can pickle or preserve enough food to carry you through the winter. All you need is enough storage space. If you don’t know how to preserve foods there are plenty of recipes available online. You can also freeze foods so that all you need to do is defrost and cook.

Too busy to go to the farmers market?  If you cannot find time to do this you can find someone to deliver. Many farmers markets are run by co-ops and they have people who deliver groceries for a small fee. It’s well worth the effort and supports the local farmers too. Remember, the closer the food is to your home, the more nutrients it will retain. Eat fresh.

Best Seeds for Nutrition

How much seeds do you include in your diet? You see, a seed is one of the healthiest things that you can eat. When a plant is preparing a seed it has to pack it with enough nutrition for it to survive on it’s own. Each seed is packed with vitamins, minerals, essential oils, enzymes and proteins. By including seeds for nutrition in your diet you are supplying your body with all these things. In fact, if you eat enough seeds there will be no need to take daily supplements. There are some seeds that are healthier than others. When you are choosing seeds make sure to include the following:
chia seeds

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are simply unbeatable, they contain 70 calories per tablespoon serving and are loaded with fiber and calcium. The fiber will help you with weight loss because it enhances digestion, hence food passes through the gut faster. You will also feel fuller for longer meaning that you will not feel the need to snack. Chia seeds also help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of blood clots. If you have a problem with dairy, you can maintain bone health by eating these seeds. How to eat them? Sprinkle them on your fruit or in a smoothie and you are good to go.

flax seeds

Flax seeds

These oily little seeds are also great for your health. Two tablespoons contain 75 calories and if you eat them on a regular basis they will help maintain your blood sugar thereby lowering your risk of developing diabetes. They are also great for lowering LDL cholesterol and you will be happy to know that they contain more omega 3s than salmon. The best way to eat them is with your breakfast oatmeal. Just sprinkle them on and enjoy.


Hemp seeds

These contain 90 calories in every 2 tablespoons and they are rich in Gamma linoleic acid as well as proteins. Hemp seeds are great for the skin and bones and they also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. If you are a vegan these seeds should definitely be a part of your diet because they are a rich source of protein. The best way to eat them is to add them to a pesto. Take a tablespoon of hemp seeds, some grated parmesan cheese, a little olive oil, some fresh basil and aragula, then puree it in a blender and you’ll have a nice sauce for pasta or a spread for toast.

These 3 seeds for nutrition will greatly enhance your health.

Summer Vegetable for Detoxification and Purification Purposes

nourishing vegetables

Summer Vegetable for Detoxification and Purification Purposes

Summer vegetables are a great way to detoxify and cleanse your body. In fact, vegetables are the perfect source of daily vitamins, nutrients, and essential minerals that can truly clean the body. This includes carrots, which help enhance vision and are an excellence source of vitamins .Tomatoes also purify the blood, along with beets and celery strengthens the teeth. Lettuce is also a common and popular vegetable than aid in digestion, while cucumber helps ease the mind and alleviates daily tensions and stress. If looking to eat light and healthy this summer, fresh fruits and vegetables are truly the way to go.

Cooking with Wholesome and Nutritious Vegetables

Veggies are a great source of daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They also help detoxify the body of harmful toxins, while replenishing vital energy levels as well. When cooking with vegetables, it is always best to use low fat oils across the board. This helps preserve the natural vitamins that veggies have without saturating them with fatty oils and preservatives. In fact, try using vegetable oil to simply enhance the flavor of your favorite vegetables. This includes corn, along with squash, onions, mushrooms, and especially tomatoes and other common vegetables. Adding fruit can also add natural sweetness to your dishes without added sugars and sodium.

Farmers Market Specialties

Local Farmers markets are simply the best venues for fresh and nutritious vegetables. You can also find the best recipes for eating healthier and lighter during the summer months. All it takes is a little research on the Web to find out where these markets are located. Most cities feature these markets over the weekend, as well as entire sections at local grocery stores and produce markets. No matter which vegetables or fruits you are looking for, the markets feature a full range of wholesome and nutritional items for all your needs. These venues are also great for meeting new people that share the same healthy options and choices for eating right and staying in shape.

Eat Healthy and Live Longer

If you want to live a clean and healthier lifestyle, you must amend your diet to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that people who eat greens do in fact live longer and can prevent diseases and medical ailments. All it takes is a commitment on your part to eat right on a daily basis and start noticing the results in health and weight loss in no time at all!

Summer vegetables you ought to have in your shopping list

healthy summer snacks

During the summer season, there are a lot of vegetables available in the market. The reason is that people eat more vegetables since they help the body to cool down. Vegetables form an important part of your diet and have various health benefits. Here are some of the vegetables you should be taking this summer and their benefits.


Cucumbers are mostly made of water and can be eaten raw or in sandwiches and soups. They have vitamin C and Silica that is important for tissue growth and for cleansing the skin. The outer skin has potassium, magnesium, and fiber that is also essential for the body.


Mushrooms are abundant during summer and are rich in minerals and vitamins as well as fiber. The nutrients contained in mushrooms are known to boost immunity and make one less prone to diseases and infections. Mushrooms are delicious and can be eaten raw or cooked with other foods.


Zucchini is a squash vegetable that is available during summer. It tastes better when cooked and is rich in different nutrients like vitamin A, B C, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and manganese among others. Zucchini can also be eaten raw in a salad, and the flowers are also edible.


They are in the same family as onions and leeks. They have high levels of antioxidants that reduce the risk of developing cancer. They also have properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic that prevent the occurrence of liver and colon diseases. They can be used in place of onions and are mainly eaten in sauces and soups.

Broad beans

These are one of the most commonly available summer vegetables. They are rich in fiber, protein, iron, potassium, and vitamins. Broad beans are known to reduce blood pressure, relieve sores and are good for the skin. They provide the most nutrients when eaten while still green and tender. The leaves are also edible and can be prepared like spinach while the beans can be steamed.


Spinach is a healthy source of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate and vitamin A. it is also low in calories and good for the heart. It can be consumed in different forms and can be blended into health shakes.

These vegetables are available in the market and are in abundance during summer. There are also others that are not listed such as asparagus, corn, cabbage and many others. One should take advantage of the summer season and consume plenty of vegetables to enjoy the health benefits they contain.


nourishing vegetables
Summer months are the most exciting months of the year because of the warm temperature. People often look forward to these months as fun outdoor activities can be undertaken without pressure. For example cycling, going to the beach for a swim, playing sports, visiting new places just to name a few. During this times, the days are long and due to a lot of physical activities snacks have to be taken in between regular meals for the provision of energy. It is important to make sure that the snacks are healthy to avoid weight gain.
Healthy nutrition should be observed at all times even during summer. That is because unhealthy food leads to weight gain and can cause diseases like heart attacks. It is therefore recommended that healthy snacks be taken at all times. So many fruits are available during summer. The markets are flooded with fresh local produce which you can easily purchase. For those who own gardens, you can pick your fruits and vegetables to make a healthy snack.
The last thing you want to do during summer is to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Healthy snacks can be made by using fruits and vegetables that are readily available at this time. This is because fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, nutrients. Antioxidants are important as they contain flavonoid which is essential for weight loss. Fruits that are colourful contain a lot of antioxidants and should be taken in plenty. Examples of fruits and vegetables to be taken during summer include bananas, beets, bell pepper, water melon, avocado, kales, collards, spinach among others. They contain low calorie hence maintaining body weight. There is not a single fruit that contains all the necessary nutrients, therefore, a combination of fruits to get all the essential nutrients needed for the body is vital.
Preparation of a healthy snack takes a little time. It can just be mixing of fruits and vegetables to have salads that can be packed for easy carrying. Summer activities are physical and require the body to have energy. It is crucial to always have a healthy snack by your side for maintaining optimal energy and weight.
Some healthy snacks to carry around during summer include cucumber, orange, water, watermelon, feta salad, Caprese salad, chile lime corn and green smoothies. Stay healthy during the summer by taking food that is rich in nutrients and low in calories.

Healthy Diets for Your Weight Loss

healthy diets
Healthy diets
In the process of losing weight, choosing healthy diets can be a struggle. So much has been said about ways of gaining control of your weight. The information provided by TV talk shows, radios, newspapers, magazines and the internet might be confusing. You need to know what works best for you. Taking an in-depth look at your inner self will tell you some reasons why you may be gaining weight. Healthy diets go a long way in determining a long-term solution for your weight problems.

Healthy Diets Mindset

Choosing “your” correct diet is one of the best plans for weight loss. This requires having the right mindset. This is because it involves a change in eating habits which should be followed in the future. It does not help to focus on weighing one’s self on the scale.This might lead to demotivation if you have not achieved your results as quickly as intended. The proper mindset requires you to set your goals and objectives, log your food and fitness activities and set a realistic timetable for weight loss.  You must stay positive and believe in yourself. If you need a little help, hire a dietitian. With this kind of mindset, you will be able to achieve your goals, commit to them and adapt them into your lifestyle.

What to choose?

We all know the foods that make us gain weight. Changing from these diets to healthy nutrition may prove to be difficult for some people. Take time to find out what works for you. There are many available options like the paleo diet, vegetarian, moderate carb/protein diet among others. A vegetarian or vegan diet excludes meat, eggs and dairy products. To get the best results in this diet make sure that you consider the nutrients that are lost by eliminating the animals sources. Consume a lot of different fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, nuts and seeds. It is always recommended you limit the intake of sugary and fatty foods. This combination enables you to have a balanced plan essential in healthy diets.
The Paleo diet is an effective diet that helps you to stay lean, healthy and energetic. A healthy paleo diet contains lean proteins essential for support of strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal immune function. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Healthy fat sourced from nuts, avocados, olive oil and fish oil.
A lot of calories can lead to weight gain. You can choose a diet with moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein to provide the  body with energy. You should note that they also contain a lot of calories. So again, pick lean meats for protein and mostly veggies for  carbs.
Having healthy diets that you are comfortable with along with a good mindset will enable you to feel empowered and lose weight.

Calorie Absorption and Count using different Diets


The calorie

A calorie is absorbed when you eat food, this is what fuels your energy needs. When consuming food, it’s not only about a number of calories ingested but also the number of calories absorbed into the body. A meal’s calorie count is tailored for each person. The number of calories a person needs in a day depends on their weight, height, age, gender and amount of physical activity. The number of calories consumed determines if a person gains, maintains or loses weight. If an individual consumes more calories than he or she expends, weight is gained. If the amount taken is equal to the amount expended, weight is maintained. If more calories are expended than consumed, weight is lost. Most health authorities advise that there is a minimum daily calorie intake of about 1200 calories for women and 1800 for men. However, physical exercise levels count for a lot.

Balanced protein and carbs

Different diets contain different amount of calories. The most widely accepted and practiced mode of diet is the balanced diet. A balanced diet contains all major food groups i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and fruit. The calorie intake advised by most health experts is based on consuming a balanced diet. Only processed foods and foods high in saturated fats are exempted from a balanced diet. This makes the calorie count of a balanced diet rank very high among diets.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Proteins take the most calories during digestion. For this reason, a diet known as vegetarian diet has emerged. Vegetarians consume dairy and other animal products while vegans do not. Promoters of this diet emphasize low carbohydrates and no animal proteins at all. Vegetarians consumed a lot of plant foods, especially vegetables. Due to a lot of vegetables in the diet, it is very unlikely to exceed the number of calories your body desires. The calorie count of an average vegetarian is 1500 calories.


A paleo diet is based on the premise that humans were hunters and gatherers for about ninety percent of their history. Therefore, human bodies are ill adapted for diets based on agriculture. Paleo dieters, therefore, consume a lot of meat, nuts and fruit. Grains, legumes, and dairy, are left out. The calorie intake is very high but due to the high amount of energy needed to digest protein, a number of calories absorbed are not that different than other diets. Calories are more abundant in carbohydrates than in any other group of food. By not consuming carbohydrates, paleo dieters feel they are reducing the number of calories consumed.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Health benefits of herbs and spices

Omega 3 fatty acids belong to a group of fats known as polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs).There are three types of Omega 3s namely EPA (eicosapentaenoi acid), DHA (docosahaxaenoic acid), and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid).
Each type plays a different role in the body, for example ALA is mainly used to provide energy in the body. The EPA reduces the possibility of excessive inflammation and inflammation related illnesses.  DHA enhances the functioning of the nervous system, particularly the brain. Overall, omega 3 fatty acids have numerous benefits for the body such as lowering your risk of suffering from heart diseases. You can obtain them naturally or from fortified foodstuffs.
Non-vegetarian people have a wide variety of foods with omega 3 to choose from. These include fish like tuna, sardines and salmon. Cauliflower, walnuts, brussels sprouts, flaxseeds and mustard seeds contain ALA. Most seafoods have EPA and DHA types of omega 3; however, they may also contain small quantities of ALA. Eggs, milk, beef and yogurt also contain ALA. There are also various vegetables that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as turnip greens, kale, spinach, green beans, summer squash, romaine lettuce and winter squash. Vegetarians can also enjoy legumes, like soybeans, miso, tofu and fruits such as raspberries or strawberries. Healthy oils like coconut oil are a great source of omega 3s.
It is important to note that the omega 3 content of both land animals and fish are dependent on their diet. Hence fish that eat sea plants, algae and foods that have a high content of omega 3 contain a high amount of omega 3 in their tissue. Likewise, land animals that mainly feed on green grass and other foods that contain a lot of omega 3 are likely to provide a high content of the component.There are also processed foods that are enriched with omega 3 such as some snacks, juices and spreads.

Having a diet rich in omega 3 is beneficial to the brain, respiratory system and regulates cholesterol levels.


Health benefits of herbs and spices
Omega-3 fatty acid is one of the essential fatty acids. This is because the body cannot synthesize such kind of fatty acids and, therefore, should be obtained through diet. Omega-3 fatty acids belong to the family of alpha-linolenic fatty acids. Fish and its products contain eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3-fatty acid has numerous functions in the body.
They are connected with proper forming of nerves in the body and. Therefore, a person can not only react to their surrounding accordingly but also react fast. The appropriate formation of these nerves also initiates proper functioning of the brain. This is because functions of nerves are complemented by the brain which acts as an interpreting center for the information brought in by the nerves. Proper working of the nerves will, therefore, enhance proper functioning of the brain.
Omega 3-fatty acid is also involved in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that sufficient dietary intake of EPA and DHA reduce deaths associated with coronary heart disease.
It is evident that omega-3 fatty acids are important in human beings. Recommended dose for omega-3 fatty acid vary depending on age and also the type of activities one is involved in. According to World Health Organization, the daily recommended dietary intake should be 0.3-0.5 grams which should correspond to 2-3 servings of fish a week.
There are two main important sources of omega-3s that is sea foods and certain plant oils. Omega 3-fatty acid can be obtained from unrefined fish. Fish rich in oil include as salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Beef can also be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.
There are also other sources of omega-3s that are a better option for vegetarians such as flax seeds, flax seed oil, walnuts, butternuts and even sea vegetables.

Spring Cleaning for the Body: Simple Changes to Look Great and Have More Energy


Many people use this time of the year to re-evaluate their health decisions, using the spring as a catalyst for positive change and beginning a detox regimen. Many experts advise some form of detox to break old unhealthy habits and form better ones for the future.

Most detoxing methods agree that the average person needs to drink more water. Step one in any detox program is usually this: increase your water intake to at least half of your body weight in ounces. For example: a 200-pound man should drink at least 100 ounces of water daily. This will help the lymphatic and digestive systems work more efficiently. Something as simple as drinking more water (and less sugary or caffeinated drinks) will within days afford the average person increased energy, more vibrant skin, and less cravings.

Another detoxing step is to cut out heavily processed foods and stick to natural, wholesome nutrition. This does not necessarily require more money, but some might have to hone their cooking skills in order to make meals from scratch. However, all scientific experts agree that the chemically enhanced and factory produced food we consume daily is detrimental to our health and longevity. Instead of snacking on chocolate, why not snack on some almond trail mix, or make a delicious fruit salad to fulfill a sweet tooth? Eating more vegetables and fruits alone will make a huge impact, especially if your diet is lacking in these essentials. The body will make better use of these nutritious calories, leading to weight loss and better physical appearance.

Keep in mind that it takes 30 days for the body to become accustomed to these healthy improvements. Therefore, it is important not to get discouraged midway through the detoxing process. However, these are very simple changes that anyone can start working on immediately,and any time and energy we put into maintaining our health is an investment that we will see a very big return on in our later years.