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Effects of Meditation; Resting the Body and Mind

effects of meditation

People are becoming more interested in the positive effects of meditation. Life today is very hectic and demanding leaving people feeling stressed and over-worked. Most of the time, it feels like the time in the day is just not adequate to do the lot. Our anxiety and weariness make us displeased, irritated and exasperated which can also have an impact on our health. We are typically extremely occupied, therefore there is no time to stop and meditate. However, meditation for all sensible objectives offers you more time by soothing your mind and making it more alert. A timed breathing meditation can aid you to get liberated from your stress to find some inner peace and balance.
Meditation provides you with profound respite. It is an endeavor in which the person simply takes a seat and allows the mind to melt making it a trouble-free pastime that can be easily achieved by anyone. Meditation is not consolidation but separation, conferring with the founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The relaxation in meditation is better than the greatest sleep that you can ever have. When the mind gets free of strain, is tranquil and quiet and at peace, meditation occurs.

There are numerous effects of meditation, a necessary practice for mental clarity.

a) A tranquil mind
b) Decent concentration
c) Precision of perception
d) Enhancement in communication
e) Developing of abilities and gifts
f) An unshakeable inner strength
g) Recovery
h) The capability to link to an internal source of energy
i) Relaxation, transformation and good luck are all natural effects of meditating regularly.
Typically we find it hard to influence our mind. If matters go pleasantly, our mind is content, however, if they go poorly, it instantly becomes discontented. Though, since we cannot have everything we want, and we will be unavoidably detached from the friends and properties we presently appreciate, this mental connection, works as a gateway to pain. Otherwise, in case we are not able to acquire what we desire, or if we misplace an item that we adore, we become desperate or exasperated. Such variations in temperament occur since we are too closely involved in the outer situation. By exercising the effects of meditation, we fashion an inner space and lucidity that allows us to control our mind in spite of the external circumstances. Progressively we develop mental equilibrium, a balanced mind that is happy all the time, rather than an unbalanced mind that fluctuates between the extremes of excitement and despondency.


Meditation and Sleep: Resting the Body and Mind

If you are a chronically poor sleeper. one thing you may not have tried yet is meditation. Studies have shown that people who meditate on a regular basis tend to sleep better than those who don’t. One study that was conducted by David S. Black. Black took older adults who had sleep problems and divided them into two groups. The first group was taught better sleep habits, they would sleep and wake up at the same time every day and they would not have coffee or alcohol before bedtime. The other group focused on meditation and mindfulness with an expert. After a year, their sleep patterns were monitored and it was found that those who did meditation were sleeping better.


In the past, mediation was treated as hokum, most people believed it to be fringe science at best. Today, it has proven to have many health benefits and one of them is sleep. Meditation is all about detaching from the here and now and only focusing on what is happening deep within oneself. It is about letting go. Many people are not able to sleep properly because of stress. When they are supposed to be asleep they are thinking about their problems instead. By meditating you are letting go of all that, and in turn, sleeping better at night.
The other thing about meditation is that it reduces metabolism. Everything that is happening in your body while you are awake or asleep is governed by the brain. The higher the metabolism the higher the brain function. By meditating you reduce metabolism and thus brain function which allows you to sleep better.

 Getting Started

As someone who wants to try to meditate for the first time, you may wonder how it’s done. The first thing you should know is that there is no one way to meditate. There are different ways to meditate, so you can try several and find the one that most suits you. There are also guided meditations that you can follow to help you in your practice. You may find it hard to focus at first. Don’t worry about this. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. The important thing is that you find a space that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. You can sit on a chair or lie down, it all depends on the kind of meditation that you are doing. If you don’t get it right the first few times, do not give up. Keep doing it at least once a day and you will soon find it effortless.

Rest for Body and Mind

Sleeping is an essential factor for every human being. Without it, not much will function well with our bodies. However, much has changed since evolution. So much is surrounding people for instance work stress thus getting a good sleep is becoming almost impossible nowadays. But with practices like meditation, getting a good sleep and rest can be possible.
Scientists have proven that the brain is always working even when we are resting or sleeping. Research also shows that resting and sleeping has a lot of benefits for us which are why we should do it often without feeling guilty about it. One of the advantages is that sleeping enhances memory and learning. It also promotes the excretion of hormones that affect appetite and growth. Sleep is also essential since it helps the body recover after a long and tedious day at work. It does that through restoring energy and repairing muscle tissue. It is also vital in preventing weight gain because it increases our body metabolism. Failure to get enough sleep will leave you feeling tired and groggy as well as make you have difficulty remembering.
Resting, sleeping and meditating increase productivity that explains why it is important to give employees vacations occasionally. It also triggers creativity and improves attention span. Relaxation in the form of meditation has the effect of relieving anxiety and stress as well as boosting someone’s mood. You can also relax by finding entertainment and laughter that may reduce pain, promote the functioning of the lungs and heart, reduce anxiety and increase muscle relaxation. Lack of adequate relaxation may result in health complications such as chest pain, digestive issues, low concentration, headaches, anxiety, low libido and depression.
Finding a balance in life is also crucial. It entails taking care of ourselves holistically. That is done by ensuring that besides work, we are also getting quality sleep, exercise, eat well and have a healthy social life. Meditation as a practice is a key component in ensuring you turn your focus inward and away from your outside daily stresses. That way your body and mind will be at ease and get the relaxation they require.
With all the benefits of sleep and relaxation listed above, meditation proves to be of great significance. Encourage yourself to meditate often thus enabling you to drift away from the daily stress of life. With all that behind you, a good sleep should come knocking, helping you to relax and face a day feeling much better.

Meditation and Sleep

Our bodies and minds are directly affected by the happenings of our immediate surroundings. This affect can be experienced either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Meditation primarily focuses on training the mind. There are several types of meditation, some of which include concentration or mindfulness. In concentration meditation, the mind is trained to focus on a single point in order to avoid wandering thoughts. One may focus on breathing patterns, listening to a repetitive sound or chanting. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, trains us to focus on the present moment. This is done through observation of thoughts, feelings and sensations. You are not to make any judgments or think about the past and future.

Meditation is helpful in many situations. Some of which include

It helps in improved and peaceful sleep

Sleep is important in relaxing the body and mind. After a long day, everybody wants to have a restful sound sleep so that you can wake up refreshed. Due to certain factors like stress at work, relationships just to name a few one might be deprived of a good nights sleep. Meditation helps in reduction of stress, anxiety and depression causing you to relax and sleep.

It eases pain

Meditation involves focusing on a particular thing. When you have back pain, arthritis, neck pain among others focusing on something else in deep thought takes your mind away from the pain you experiencing.

Improved moods

There is a common saying you are what you think you are. Most of the times, the mind tends to focus on the negative happenings. Meditation helps you to focus on positive outcomes and thoughts improving your moods significantly.

Helps the body to heal faster as well as have a prolonged life

Meditation is said to help in restoring the bodys homeostatic balance assisting in quick healing from some diseases. Some studies have shown that it also prevents DNA degradation hence keeping a person alive for longer.

Improved ability to focus on a task at hand

Meditation is all about controlling your thoughts and focusing on one thing. It also focuses on positive outcomes. It is very helpful in avoiding emotional distractions especially when faced with sensitive or difficult situations. It helps in better decision making through focusing.

In summary, meditation is important for overall well being of the body. It can help you sleep better, have a relaxed body and mind. In some instances, it is said that meditation immensely improves your sex life.

The Benefits of Meditation and Sleep for a Healthier Lifestyle

nourishing vegetables

Mediation was once viewed as a preserve of those practicing Eastern religions; not any more. Scientific research has shown that meditation is essential if you want to live a healthy life. Meditation is simply taking a few minutes out of your day to detach yourself from all that is happening around you and focus on your inner self. There are many benefits of meditation. For one, people who meditate on a regular basis report that they experience less stress – they learn how to focus on what is important instead of the little things that nag them.

Meditation has also proved to be critical for happiness – if you meditate regularly you will have a more positive outlook towards life which also contributes to overall health. Did you know that meditation is also helpful in reducing pain and inflammation? If, for instance, yo0u suffer frequent headaches you should try and meditate for a few minutes each day – you will notice that your headaches aren’t as frequent or as painful. You will also realize that your mind is much more focused and you will go about your daily activities with ease.

The other thing that you have to get enough of is sleep. Today, people are sleeping much less than they did in the past – they have to work longer hours, commutes are longer which means that they get home late or they are simply distracted by all the technology that is around them – how many times have you stayed up late watching TV or on your phone? You have to make enough time for sleep if you want to be healthy. You should be getting at least 6 hours every night – make sure that you sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. This keeps your body clock regular.

You should make sure that your bedroom is conducive to sleep. Hang heavy drapes so as to keep the light out. You should also get rid of things like TV’s and computers – make your bedroom a place where you can sleep without any activities to keep you awake. One frequently asked question when it comes to sleep is whether staying up late during the week and then sleeping in is helpful. As a matter of fact it isn’t. You cannot catch up on sleep; if you want to stay healthy and focused you should get enough sleep every day.

Meditate for Mind and Body Health


There are many reasons to learn and practice the ancient art of how to meditate and there are some surprising health benefts to be gained too!

Meditation Basics

Yoga and meditation have many benefits, but they can do a lot more for you than you think! Check out these amazing benefits for yourself today! It takes patience to get really good at meditation and to be able to control your body and mind. This practice is something everyone can use no matter where they are in life.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been shown to help bring the body into balance and  help regulate some important hormones levels.  This helps to instill an overall sense of peace and wellness. With improved blood and oxygen levels, your mind will be sharper and you will be able to think more clearly and tap into hidden brain power.  Meditation can help you be more self-confident by showing you that you can have more control over your mind and body. Confidence to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Your intuition is generally correct and when you are more in tune with your body, you are more likely to notice those little nagging feelings telling you when something is amiss. Staying focused is one of the core tenants of proper yoga and meditation practice and mastery. This can serve you well in many areas of your life- especially at work and school. Tap into the power of the body’s natural flow of energy.  Revitalize yourself quickly and easily with this energy that lasts longer than any energy drink on the market. Benefits of meditation can be seen only through daily practice so make time each day in your daily routines.

Techniques for Good Meditation

1) Counting your breath- focus on the individual breathes and the speed at which you breathe to help you slow and focus your mind and relax your body.

2) Meditate with a mantra, repeating a phrase or motivational verse as you meditate can help you stay positive and help improve your mental state. Using guided meditations can be helpful.

3) Meditating with candles- aromas are very powerful. This can trigger emotions, memories and even affect body functions and hormones that compliment meditation.

4) Mindfulness during meditation- focus on the goals and dreams you have and what you want to accomplish through the meditation and yoga practices.

The Importance of Eating Hydrating Foods in the Summer Months

healthy summer snacks

The summer months are here with us and this is a time when you want to be outdoors as much as possible there is plenty to do and the weather is great too. That said, it is very important that you stay hydrated if you do not get enough hydration you may end up suffering either heat exhaustion or heat stroke. In case you are wondering whether those are not one and they same they in fact are not. Heat stroke happens when you have a very high body temperature but without any sweat while heat exhaustion is when you suffer excessive thirst, sweat profusely but have a cold skin. Heat stroke can be fatal and that is why if you feel the symptoms coming on you should see a doctor right away.

You can hydrate in the hot months not just with water but also with hydrating foods. There are plenty of healthy foods that will keep your body cool if you eat them often on hot days. Right up there of course is cucumber it has the highest water quantity of any vegetable or fruit. You can eat it as it is or you can use it to make more creative snacks such as cucumber soup which has mint and ice cubes for added coolness.

Lettuce is also right up there when it comes to hydrating foods, particularly iceberg lettuce it has the highest water content of any lettuce. Make sure that any salads you eat contain lots of it and you will not only help your body stay cool, you will also get lots of fiber as well as Vitamin K.

Celery is available almost everywhere and you can snack on it often if you want to stay cool on hot summer days. Better yet, you will get Vitamin K, folate and since it neutralizes stomach acid you will get rip of any heartburn. Cherry tomatoes are pretty good too. Not only do they add a kick to any salad, they are going to help keep you cool. Better yet, you can pop a few onto the barbecue to serve with meals.

Bell peppers are not to be left behind either especially the green variety. You can munch on them raw instead of reaching for the usual carrot or you can grill them and serve with meals you will be happy to know that they are also packed with antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Vegetables of Summer

summer vegetables
Summer vegetables
Vegetables are bountiful during the summer months, this is the best time to enjoy local fresh varieties. Leafy green vegetable such as kale, asparagus and spinach are very nutritious and serve a lot of other helpful purposes in the body.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

The summer vegetable can provide abundant nutritional benefits. Most of the leafy summer varieties contain vitamin C and antioxidants.  Vitamin C helps in absorption of iron into the body, keep teeth and gums healthy and allows the body to heal cuts and wounds faster. Antioxidants help protect the body from free-moving organisms that may cause harm to vital organs. Summer veggies like tomatoes are rich in potassium which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
Another prevalent nutrient in vegetables is the folic acid which helps in the formation of red blood cells. They are especially vital for pregnant women because they assist greatly in fetal development. Vitamin A contained in most veggies help in maintaining healthy skin. The very low amount of cholesterol in vegetables help in lowering the risk of heart disease. Kale and cucumber contain vitamin K, a very rare vitamin that assists in coagulation of blood cells to reduce the chance of deadly blood loss in case of injury.

Vegetables are Low Calorie

Vegetables contain very low calories. This makes inappropriate and damaging weight gain very unlikely. They do give a person the feeling of satiety while consuming fewer calories which is also quite helpful.

High Fiber

These vegetables contain high fiber levels. If 2 or 3 vegetables are used at each meal, you may indeed expect better overall health, smooth bowel movement and less constipation. They also greatly lower the odds of contracting diabetes, obesity and many various forms of cancer.
The antioxidants in veggies can help with detoxification. Kale, asparagus and spinach are very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants also assist in protecting the liver, a major organ of detoxification, from damage and keeps it functioning at full capacity. They also stabilize liver cell membranes and heal damaged liver cells.
Due to their high fiber count, summer vegetables ensure that toxins  in the intestines are not re-absorbed into the body and are excreted. Asparagus is especially useful in the health of the colon and cleansing. When vegetables clean the intestines, digestion can happen more smoothly leading to increased energy levels throughout the day.

Meditation during times of grief

Everyone experiences loss of a loved one at a given point in their life. It is alright to grieve because it helps you to come to terms with the loss and move on with your life. Unexpressed grief can be detrimental to your health. One effective way of dealing with grief is through meditation. There are guided meditations or self led sessions.
Meditations based on mindfulness will help you reduce your sadness and calm your mind. Grief can leave someone feeling hopeless and unsure of how to proceed with their life. This is where mindfulness comes in handy because it provides rest, refuge and an opportunity to sit back and reflect on what your mind, body and spirit need.
In essence, the purpose of mindfulness is to help someone clearly analyze and pay attention to the involuntary functions of the body and mind objectively. This gives insight into the fleeting manner in which nature arises and come to terms with change. Meditation during grief should include mind inquiry and relaxation techniques to help you find balance in life after dealing with loss.
Meditation should be practiced in a quiet warm room for at least 30 minutes with no interruption. You can sit on a chair or a cushion or even lay on a yoga mat. There are different ways in which you can practice mindfulness especially when you are grieving. The best thing is to focus on your body because grief might take a toll on it. You can take a body scan from your feet to your head to help you communicate with your body and attend to its needs with tenderness.
You can also incorporate yoga into your meditation since it is a form of meditation in motion. Stretching and moving your body is good for you because it helps release tension and helps your mind and body to relax. You can also practice breath meditation. Inhaling and exhaling will make you more aware of the present moment.

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Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One with Deep Meditation Techniques

Grief is something that every family experiences from time to time. From the loss of a loved one to family sickness grief leads to anxiety, depression, and especially feelings of isolation and hopelessness. While family counseling is always great, there are other ways to get back to your center. In fact, deep meditation techniques and yoga play an essential role in reconnecting the mind, body, and soul. Meditation also helps people deal with any family or work related problems, along with restoring optimal breathing and respiratory performance. Most of all, meditation is a spiritual journey that connects individual to their environment and maker resulting in better concentration, coping skills, and ability to tackle any obstacles , hurdles, or negative stimuli.

Meditation Techniques

For centuries, countless people have relied on meditation to restore proper balance and harmony. This ancient technique is designed to remove recurring and racing thoughts and especially negativity. As humans, we are not exempt from lifes daily challenges and problems. It is, however, how we deal with them that make us stronger or more susceptible to negativity. According to yoga experts, meditation can be done any time of the day or night. Not only does this practice restore our faith in humanity, it also connects us to our environments and bodies. Meditation techniques also include:

Deep breathing exercises that calms the mind and reconnects us to the present.

Deep breathing also improves cardiovascular performance organs are able to shut down and expel all harmful toxins and chemicals from the body.

Integration with stretching and yoga helps remove clutter from the mind thus resulting in better mental clarity and improved health.

Yoga and meditation also improves our focus, attention spans, and ability to welcome all issues with a smile and positive outlook.

From bereavement to job loss, meditation is simply the best way to deal with problems in a safe and natural manner. Try meditation today and experience the difference.

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