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Vitamin B12-Importance For Good Health

B12 foods


B12 is among the eight B vitamins that are an important part of our health. People need to have enough of each kind of vitamin B in their daily diet to avoid certain health problems. One of the most important of all the B vitamins is vitamin B12. Lack of B12  may cause problems with the function of the brain and nervous system. There are several food sources of B12, some being meat, eggs and fish.  Vegetarians need to get it from leafy greens or nuts. Many health experts recommend taking supplements of this vitamin in order to make sure that you getting enough of it each day to help with the body’s functions, such as the formation of blood cells. Doses vary with age and health conditions so be sure to research your specific needs.

Synthesizing Neurotransmitters

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in synthesizing neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that make it possible for the brain to function well and for individual cells in the brain to communicate directly. Neurotransmitters can also play a role in other aspects of your life including your mood and your feelings. Adequate vitamin B12 is important to help make sure that you have enough energy through out the day. Having enough of this vitamin can also help improve your sleep and maintain your appetite so that you are consuming enough calories. Using supplements can help you function better in many important ways.

B12 for Heart and Circulatory Health

This vitamin also helps with your heart and circulatory health. The vitamin helps regulate the chemicals in your blood. Lack of this vitamin can result in problems such as anemia. Older folks in particular may find it hard to absorb the natural form of the vitamin, making supplements a vital component of good health. Improved blood flow makes for a more functional heart. Improved circulation can also lead to better health.

Natural Herb for the Digestive System

Did you know that Americans are spending well over $15 billion per year in vitamins and food supplements alone? Herb and  Vitamins falls under the alternative and  complementary medicine industries where a growing number of people are gravitating.
In 2016, natural herb diets and healing remedies are one of the best  ways to go. Here are the top herbal remedies with the best set of ingredients to help individuals suffering from any digestion system related conditions.
The digestive system complications in mind include heartburns, a spastic colon or the irritable bowel syndrome if you so prefer, and IBD. The symptoms associated with the digestive anomalies listed include:- chronic spasms in the colon which cause bleeding, constipation and even bloating.
As you might have already guessed, our approach towards finding a solution to the above mentioned medical anomalies will focus on the particular exact herbs which can combat inflammation and fight back all other infection-causing pathogens within our entire gastro-intestinal tract.

Herb suggestions:

1. Fenugreek herb is ideal for it increases bowel movements for instance it is used as a laxative, lowers the bloods LDL-Cholesterol levels and also for stimulating breast milk.

2. Marshmallow acts as strong anti-inflammatory agent.
3. Chamomile has always been a favorite for battling digestion related ailments like gas, bloating and flatulence since the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Gods. The excellent herbal choice when ingested as tea or via the anus for little babies with digestion related distresses.
4. Lemon Balm– Apart from this herb being used to cure baldness, mad dog bites, crooked necks and menstrual cramps for hundreds of years it is also recommended for a wide range of digestive system medical conditions too.
5. Peppermint leaf is the last herb on our list today. The compounds of the leaves are found containing a high concentration of flavonoids which act as potent antioxidants for the organs lining the digestive tracts.

Microbiome, what to eat for a healthy gut

The entire collection of genes that the microbes in your gut possess is known as microbiome. Microbes are tiny life forms that can be found everywhere such as in our bodies, in water and soil. The human microbiome is believed to play a complementary role to the human genome. Moreover, microbiome outnumbers the human cells since they are ten times more.

Diseases and Microbiome

Apparently, scientists believed that the purpose of the immune system was to control microorganisms but in reality, it is vice versa. The purpose of the microbiome in humans is to control auto-immune illnesses like muscular dystrophy, diabetes, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, some types of cancer and multiple sclerosis. When the microorganisms in the gut are unbalanced, they might stimulate common obesity.  These human microbes can improve the excretion of certain neurotransmitters found in the brain. It can also have relation to bipolar disorder, depression, autisism, schizophrenia, and various other neuro-chemical imbalances.


To have a healthy gut, you need to eat certain foods. These include green and yellow vegetables, fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, carrots, beans, etc.  Vegetables have vitamins E, C, and carotene that can help prevent the stomach from cancer. Onions, bananas, yogurt, garlic, sauerkraut, and asparagus are also good for the gut. The good bacteria in miso, yogurt and sauerkraut can reach the colon to do it’s work. On the other hand asparagus, garlic, banana, and onions are called the prebiotics since they promote the growth of probiotic bacteria which is healthy bacteria that keeps the lining of the colon healthy and boosts gut sensation. Other foods recommended are cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, mint, cinnamon, oatmeal, avocado, dark chocolate, seeds, oatmeal, nuts and caraway.


However, not all foods are good for the gut bacteria. For example processed foods cause the harmful bacteria in the gut to thrive leading to an imbalance. Intake of antibiotics, birth control pills, laxatives, and chlorinated drinking water has the same effect.

What is Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalances?

Foods fpr Diabetes

Understanding what diabetes is and the control of blood sugar can be confusing.  Often referred to as, diabetes mellitus, comprises of a group of metabolic diseases where a person has high blood sugar, either because the production of insulin is inadequate or the body cells fails to properly respond to insulin or both. Insulin is the hormone that allows glucose to enter the cells where it is later used as energy by the body. If a person suffers from diabetes the body is unable to make proper use of glucose.

Type 1 

This type accounts for 5% of all diagnosed cases in adults. Type 1 diabetes develops when the beta cells responsible for producing the insulin hormone are destroyed. This destruction is initiated by the body’s immune system limiting or completely eliminating the production of insulin. There is no proven clinical prevention method for type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 

This type is non-insulin dependent because the peak age comes later as compared to type 1. It accounts for 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Type 2 is usually triggered by insulin resistance, a disorder which leads to cells being unable to use insulin properly. As need for insulin rises, the beta cells gradually lose the ability to produce sufficient quantities of the needed hormone.

Blood sugar imbalance is a condition where the body is not able to handle glucose effectively. In situations as this, blood sugar imbalance may result in a situation where the blood glucose levels may oscillate throughout the day from the desired levels of blood glucose range. Blood sugar imbalance may also result in too much production of insulin, which results in drop in glucose levels. During this time, cell membranes have difficulty recognizing insulin and only a few channels are opened. This leads to high levels of insulin and glucose in the blood and some cells are deficient in glucose.

Diabetes has no cure, but it can be treated and controlled. With proper management of diabetes, blood sugar levels can be monitored under a physcians’ care. Diet, exercise and lifestyle are of course very important aspects of the treatment.

Yoga and Meditation for Serenity

The Everlasting Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Serenity

Yoga and meditation are designed to connect the mind, body and spirit.   Vital techniques in restoring calm and tranquility in our lives. The ancient Buddhists believed these practices would connect them to nature and a higher power. This belief continues today, and is strongly shared by countless yoga enthusiasts and aficionados. While yoga is also intertwined with certain forms of exercise, its’ main function is to relax the mind and body, replenish its’ natural  energy, vitality and mental clarity.  Yoga used along  with meditation,  helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and especially mental and physical anguish.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga continues to soar in global popularity. This form of yoga uses a sling or hammock to secure optimal balance during traditional yoga poses. Aerial yoga also incorporates pilates to effectively exercise the muscles, joints and tendons while securing the right resistance to build strength and increase  energy. This form of yoga originated in New York, but is now practiced in countless nations across the world. Aerial yoga,can be found in leading yoga centers, along with fitness venues and gyms. Along with pilates and traditional yoga, dance steps and sequences are also utilized to help the body breathe and connect people to their innermost creativity. As always, there are cool down periods, that allow the body to naturally replenish its’ strength and vital energy . Meditation is used at the end of every session to complete the process of mind, body, spirit connection.

If you are serious about getting back in shape and leading a healthier life, yoga and meditation will truly achieve your desired results on all levels. Not only does yoga shape the body and build muscle, it also syncs the mind and body. This is vital to connect with your inner-self in order to better respond to exterior elements and stimuli.


Tips on Colds and Flu Prevention

colds_and_fluIs winter a great concern to you?

Do you have a cold or the flu?

Colds and flu symptoms are so simular. If it is flu, you will probably run a very high fever. Some common symptoms are chills, fatigue, muscle aches, and tightness of the chest. You might have a cough, or a runny nose, but you are less likely to suffer from upper respiratory symptoms than you are with the cold.

If it is a cold, you will have a runny nose, cough, watery eyes, sore throat, congestion, and sneezing signal a cold. These unpleasant symptoms often build up over a day or two. You might feel achy or have a slight fever, but these will be much less severe than with the flu.

How might you be able to prevent colds or flu? 

1.  Practice good hygiene, especially with age, remember, your body becomes fragile, the older you become. This principle means for transferring a virus is through contact with an infected person. It is important to wash hand frequently and to cover the mouth and nose when sneezing.

2.  Avoid contact or being close with people who have a cold or the      flu where possible. Have sick people sleep in a separate room            from everyone else. This might feel strange at first, but this is the       best prevention measure you can take.

3.  Exercise regularly, as it has immune-system enhancing effects that can help ward off illness. Do not overdo the exercise, as too much strenuous or excessive exercise can leave you prone to illness. Insure that you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

4.  Reduce your stress levels as stress can harm the ability of your immune system to work optimally. People who are stressed tend to catch colds more than less stressed people.

5.  Insure that you take your daily vitamins, whether as a tablet, drink, or fruit, vitamins help you prevent the common cold.

Aerial yoga a new approach to many traditional yoga poses

The word yoga means to yoke or join. The practice is very ancient, and it was born out of the desire to achieve a level of overall wellbeing, good health and understanding the self. This practice usually involves meditation, breathing and exercise. It was widely recognized and accepted in the 1960s in the USA.

It is not religious in any way as is the misconception. It does not propagate a set of beliefs in any Deity. Some religions borrow some practices from the practice. Its philosophy is rooted in the belief that everything comes from within an individual.

Over the years this practice has been widely recommended by doctors for people with back pain problems, depression and arthritis. There are different types of yoga

-Karma is rooted in an individual concept of a God in all that one does.

-Kashmir Shaivism believes that everything has both male and female attributes.

-Hatha its the most common practice involving breathing and physical postures and movements.

-Raja combines meditation, exercise and breathing.

-Bhakti is practiced with total devotion to an individuals personal conviction of God.

-Tantra expresses ones consciousness through specific movements and words.

-Jnana takes one on a journey of wisdom

Aerial yoga class
Aerial yoga class

– Aerial yoga the newest type

Aerial yoga uses hammocks in order to deepen stretches thus making it possible to take the yoga to a completely new level. It can release you of tensions and is highly recommended for beginners as well as for advanced yoga students. This is a new approach to many traditional yoga poses. If you suffer from motion sickness, do not give up immediately. It has been proven that in many cases those symptoms disappear after a few initial classes.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone. It is however not recommended for children under 16 because their bodies are still developing. Expectant mothers may also practice the simple breathing and meditation techniques.

Cooking with Herbs and Spices for Tastier Food and Better Health


Do you feel that the meals that you cook in your home taste bland? Are you tired of restaurant meals and want to try out something different? If yes, herbs and spices used in home cooking can make all the difference. There are many herbs and spices that can greatly improve the taste of your food and give you health benefits. Because there are thousands of herbs and spices all around the world we cannot mention all of them here, but we will look at some of the most common ones.

Garlic, this is a wonderful herb that makes food aromatic and gives it a great flavor. You will be happy to know that garlic has many health benefits, it’s a natural antibiotic and is good for your heart.

Turmeric, this yellow spice is great for coloring food and giving it a unique taste. Like garlic, turmeric has many health benefits including the fact that it is abundant in antioxidants and great for joint health.

Cayenne pepper, this is an ingredient that is found in most kitchens. If you don’t already have it you should head out and buy some. It will give your food a spicy kick and it is also good for your health because it boosts your metabolism and can help you lose weight.

Cinnamon, when was the last time you let the smell of cinnamon waft through your home? It is high time you did. Not only is this spice a warming spice that stimulates the immune system, it is also good for lowering blood sugar and helping prevent diabetes.

Rosemary, if you suffer from allergies often, you will be happy to know that eating rosemary, with it’s antioxidant properties, helps to reduce them significantly. Rosemary helps with headaches and arthritis as well.

Ginger, this herb is great for treating nausea and indigestion, it is packed with antioxidants. It also helps with arthritis and vertigo.

Oregano is one of the most common herbs found in the kitchen. This herb not only spices up our soups and sauces, it helps with inflammation and stimulates the immune system.

As you can see, the most common herbs and spices have health benefits.  There are many more to choose from.  Turning a boring meal into something flavorful and exciting. Try some today to enhance your menu of everyday meals.

The Importance of Resting in Todays Chaotic Life



To make ends meet, many people now have to work 2 or more jobs today. If you factor in family, chores and all else that needs to be taken care of, it seems like there is no time to rest.  Resting is very important, when you take a break, you recharge both your body and your mind. Then you have the energy and mental clarity for the next day’s tasks.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you get time off to relax and get enough sleep. Look at your daily schedule and see what you can eliminate in order to make time. It is much like when you are doing a budget for monthly spending and you don’t have enough money.  What items can you do without?  Make sure that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.  Make it a routine to get to bed at the same hour every night and wake up at the same time every morning.  And remember, you cannot compensate for missed sleep. Sleeping in on the weekends only makes any rest deprivation issues worse.

Another way to find balance in life is to meditate. Meditation is not very hard to learn. In fact, there is a ton of material online to show you ways to meditate. There are no correct or incorrect ways to practice . Meditation is simply taking your mind off the outer world for a time and focusing on your inner world. When you meditate you will notice that you have reduced stress levels, reduced irritability and you are more accommodating to others.

Lastly, you need time for yourself. We are surrounded by people all the time and if you don’t take some time just to get in touch with your inner self, you could become anxious. So take some time, even if it is just 10 or 15 minutes a day, where you can separate yourself away from everything and focus.

Take the Time to Rest your Mind

Research has shown that most Americans get an average of six hours of rest every night. No wonder we are a stressed out nation that is over-medicated. People reach for pills when what they should be doing is organizing their lives so that they can get enough sleep every night. It is recommended that you sleep for at least eight hours a night and no less than six.

One of the most stressed out groups of people are parents, especially women, of young children. They have to wake up early to prepare kids,  meals, and themselves.  When they are done dropping the kids off at school they have to rush off to work. After the work day is done, go pick up the kids, after school activities, dinner, homework and so on. We often have only a few hours to sleep before we repeat the cycle. If this is your situation, you should know that this is damaging to  your health in the long term .

One thing that you can do to relax is meditation. You don’t need an hour in a room full of mats with people striking all kinds of poses. While yoga is all good, meditation simply means taking a few minutes every day to exhale and get in touch with your inner self. It means stopping to take inventory who are you? What is most important to you? What are you doing right now? If you ask yourself these questions once a day you will find that you are more relaxed, feel better rested and have more resourceful days.

If you are constantly stressed, the problem could very well be that you are not getting enough quality rest for your body and mind. Make a point of going to bed at a set time and waking up at a set time in the morning. Routine sleep schedules and meditation can relax you significantly.

Rest the Body and Mind
Rest the Body and Mind