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exercise ageExercise age, we hear it all the time through out our lives, that we need to exercise if we are to stay healthy.  The truth of it is that most of us stop working out on a regular basis as soon as we get into our first jobs. You see, when we are young and in school or in college, we have plenty of time. But as soon as we get older and start working, there is hardly enough time. In fact, as years go by, we make even less of an effort and by the time most people get to retirement age, exercise is long forgotten. If you live like this there is an increased risk of  cardiovascular illness.

Make time

It is very important that you make a conscious decision to make time to exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week. You have to carve out time that you can dedicate to exercise. Think about your exercise age  and current abilities or restrictions. It can be any form of exercise you like. The idea is that you get moving for long enough and hard enough to break a sweat. If you do this for at least 20-60 minutes , 2 to 3 times a week, you can reduce your chances of ill health. You will sleep better, you will have better brain focus and you can reduce the chance of mood swings.

Chose activity

With so many options for exercise many people get stuck wondering what kind of exercise they should be doing.  Go to the gym?  Jog? Should they walk?  You will be happy to know that all these are great options, but there are many other things that you can do. If you cannot afford a gym or do not like to jog there is plenty of activities that you can do. Did you know, for instance, that joining a dance class will give you just as good a workout as going to the gym? True, you will not get ripped, but you will get your blood flow circulating enough to keep you healthy. Even making a point of taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work will make a difference. Instead of driving to the store for your groceries, if you can,  you should walk instead. Or make a point to park far enough away to increase the walk to the car.

You get the idea, age exercise doesn’t have to be something to be loathed. It can be something that you look forward to doing. If you lack motivation, partner up with someone and do it together.

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