Losing Weight and Workout Choices

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Losing Weight with Interval Training Sessions


If you are struggling with obesity and sluggishness, there are several ways to get back into shape. This includes proper nutritional guidance, along with a sound and structured fitness plan. Whether working out on your own or under the guidance of a trainer, high-impact and interval training sessions continue to soar in global popularity. These exercise techniques are designed to stimulate the heart and blood flow, while boosting metabolism rates and increasing energy levels. Interval training is usually done on treadmills, which helps improve cardiovascular performance and conditioning. The key to this workout is a combination of high-speed running bursts to raise the heart rate and alternate with slowing down for 30 to 60 seconds. These bursts burn more fat and calories.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Quick bursts in cardiovascular exercises have been proven to secure timely and lasting weight loss. In fact, scientific tests have shown a decrease of fat and metabolism increases with these exercises. While it’s great to run on a treadmill this is not the only way to effectively shed those unwanted pounds. According to fitness experts and gurus, speed walking is a great way to burn fat and calories. In fact, just 30 minutes a day of extensive walking is perfect for converting fat into lean, healthy and attractive muscle. It is important, however, to keep a steady flow of breathing during your walking sessions preferably inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This helps you reap the benefits of a full cardiovascular workout, which is very beneficial to the heart and overall weight loss.

Yoga is Essential

Yoga can also be a part of any diet or fitness regimen. While yoga does help sync the mind, body and spirit it also helps you lose weight and replenish vital energy levels. There are several yoga techniques that incorporate full body stretching, side bends, sit ups and even traditional crunches. These help build stronger abdominal muscles, while enhancing cardiovascular performance and functionality. If pressed for time, simply check the Internet for instructional videos on the best yoga workout and techniques. It is also recommended to work with a fitness trainer or yoga specialist to secure timely and effective results.


Pilates is another great way to build endurance, agility and balance. These Greek-based exercises utilize stretching, breathing and elements of yoga to secure optimal strength conditioning and weight loss. At the same time, Pilates does enhance cardio conditioning resulting in greater weight loss and muscle building.


Spinning is a great workout using a stationary bike for an intense cardio session. Spinning can be done on your own but is typically done in a class setting with an instructor in order to push you to really maximize your results.

All of these programs are full body workouts guaranteed to build speed, endurance, balance and agility.



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