Meditation during times of grief

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Everyone experiences loss of a loved one at a given point in their life. It is alright to grieve because it helps you to come to terms with the loss and move on with your life. Unexpressed grief can be detrimental to your health. One effective way of dealing with grief is through meditation. There are guided meditations or self led sessions.
Meditations based on mindfulness will help you reduce your sadness and calm your mind. Grief can leave someone feeling hopeless and unsure of how to proceed with their life. This is where mindfulness comes in handy because it provides rest, refuge and an opportunity to sit back and reflect on what your mind, body and spirit need.
In essence, the purpose of mindfulness is to help someone clearly analyze and pay attention to the involuntary functions of the body and mind objectively. This gives insight into the fleeting manner in which nature arises and come to terms with change. Meditation during grief should include mind inquiry and relaxation techniques to help you find balance in life after dealing with loss.
Meditation should be practiced in a quiet warm room for at least 30 minutes with no interruption. You can sit on a chair or a cushion or even lay on a yoga mat. There are different ways in which you can practice mindfulness especially when you are grieving. The best thing is to focus on your body because grief might take a toll on it. You can take a body scan from your feet to your head to help you communicate with your body and attend to its needs with tenderness.
You can also incorporate yoga into your meditation since it is a form of meditation in motion. Stretching and moving your body is good for you because it helps release tension and helps your mind and body to relax. You can also practice breath meditation. Inhaling and exhaling will make you more aware of the present moment.

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