Meditation and Sleep

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Our bodies and minds are directly affected by the happenings of our immediate surroundings. This affect can be experienced either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Meditation primarily focuses on training the mind. There are several types of meditation, some of which include concentration or mindfulness. In concentration meditation, the mind is trained to focus on a single point in order to avoid wandering thoughts. One may focus on breathing patterns, listening to a repetitive sound or chanting. Mindfulness meditation, on the other hand, trains us to focus on the present moment. This is done through observation of thoughts, feelings and sensations. You are not to make any judgments or think about the past and future.

Meditation is helpful in many situations. Some of which include

It helps in improved and peaceful sleep

Sleep is important in relaxing the body and mind. After a long day, everybody wants to have a restful sound sleep so that you can wake up refreshed. Due to certain factors like stress at work, relationships just to name a few one might be deprived of a good nights sleep. Meditation helps in reduction of stress, anxiety and depression causing you to relax and sleep.

It eases pain

Meditation involves focusing on a particular thing. When you have back pain, arthritis, neck pain among others focusing on something else in deep thought takes your mind away from the pain you experiencing.

Improved moods

There is a common saying you are what you think you are. Most of the times, the mind tends to focus on the negative happenings. Meditation helps you to focus on positive outcomes and thoughts improving your moods significantly.

Helps the body to heal faster as well as have a prolonged life

Meditation is said to help in restoring the bodys homeostatic balance assisting in quick healing from some diseases. Some studies have shown that it also prevents DNA degradation hence keeping a person alive for longer.

Improved ability to focus on a task at hand

Meditation is all about controlling your thoughts and focusing on one thing. It also focuses on positive outcomes. It is very helpful in avoiding emotional distractions especially when faced with sensitive or difficult situations. It helps in better decision making through focusing.

In summary, meditation is important for overall well being of the body. It can help you sleep better, have a relaxed body and mind. In some instances, it is said that meditation immensely improves your sex life.

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