Seeds for Nutrition

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chia seeds
 When it comes to seeds for nutrition, many people are missing out. People may munch on nuts from time to time but seeds are simply missed as a part of their diet. It can be valuable to include them in your diet because they have many health benefits. Not all seeds are the same though, there are some that are packed with more nutrition than others. If you are going to start a diet plan that includes eating seeds, make sure to include these 3 power houses:


One tablespoon of these super seeds has only 60 calories but you also get 3 grams protein, 3 grams fat and 5 grams carbs. If you have digestion problems, this is a seed that can help because it is packed full of fiber. Just one tablespoon is enough to get your bowels moving. It is also an excellent seed to eat if you are looking to lose weight – when it mixes with digestive juices it swells which makes you feel full for a longer time thus reducing your need to snack. It also contains more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon and has strong anti-oxidant properties that help keep away infections and inflammation.
Chia seeds can be black or white but so far research hasn’t shown any differences in terms of the nutrition that it provides. You can eat chia seeds with yogurt, salads and in different kinds of smoothies.


One tablespoon will give you only 57 calories, 3 grams protein, 4 grams fat and 1 gram carbs. These seeds are soft to the bite but they are great because they provide so much plant protein. If you are a vegetarian, they are a must – they will easily fulfill most of your protein needs. In fact, they come highly recommended for anyone who is looking to build muscle. They also contain calcium, iron and magnesium and because of this they are important for heart health slowing down cardiovascular disease. Because they taste great you can eat them by themselves or you can add them to anything from salads to soups.


These are also rather tasty and just one tablespoonful will give you 37 calories, 1 gram protein, 3 grams fat and 2 grams carbs. They help slow down digestion so they are great for weight loss. They have  been proven beneficial in lowering blood sugar and are helpful in warding off cardiovascular disease.
If you add these 3 seeds to your diet you will give your health a big boost.

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