seeds for nutrition;the benefits of seeds in your diet.

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Healthy food intake plays a vital role in our bodies. This is because healthy food contains essential nutrients to enable optimal functioning of the body giving you overall good health. Seeds for nutrition like; Chia, Hemp and flax contain; dietary fiber, proteins, healthy fats and various antioxidants. These nutrients contained in these seeds are important in the body as they perform the following functions;

Aids in digestion

The dietary fibre contained in these seeds cannot be digested. It is important as it regulates bowel movements and adds bulk to stool. It also helps you be full quicker and for long. This is crucial because the sugar absorbed during digestion has enough time to be metabolized hence providing energy. Being full for long reduces appetite reducing constant intake of food. This can help in weight loss.

Repairs skin and sows down aging

These seeds are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are helpful in speeding up the skins repair system preventing further damage.

Prevention of certain diseases

These seeds are rich in healthy fats which fight excessive inflammation, regulate cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. This is helpful preventing heart related diseases as well diabetes. These fats are healthy as compared to other fats that are found in animal products. The Alpha-linolenic Acid is a type of omega-3 fatty acid found in these seeds. It is important in the body as it maintains brain function and nourishes red blood cells. It is also important in fighting both breast and cervical cancer. Studies have shown that the Alpha-Linolenic Acid causes death to cancer cells without harming the normal body cells.

Increased metabolism and energy

Taking these seeds slows down digestion giving the sugars in the body time to be completely metabolized providing energy. This energy enables you to do your chores well. For those who exercise, the increased energy is essential in weight loss. These seeds also reduce visceral adipose tissue which adversely affects metabolism.

Strong bones and dental health

These seeds are rich in; calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese among others. Calcium is important in the body as it strengthens body muscles and bones. Calcium and Phosphorous found in these seeds are essential for strong teeth and a healthy mouth.

The benefits of having these seeds for nutrition in your diets are many. They contain all the essential nutrients in one pack. The proteins in these seeds also help you get a lean body, burn of extra fat as well balance blood sugar levels.


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