The Nutritional and Fiber Benefits of Seeds in Your Diet

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When is the last time you included seeds in your diet? If you are like most people it is a long time. Seeds are essential for good health. There are many different kinds of seeds for nutrition that you can add to your diet on a regular basis, but there are some that have proved to be much more helpful to health. The top 3 seeds that you should be consuming are chia, flax and hemp seeds. This doesnt mean that you should only eat these you should eat any other seeds you can find locally. Let us look at chia, flax and hemp seeds to see what befits each one has.

Hemp seeds

By eating 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds you will enjoy many benefits. They are very low in calories just 90 per serving and you get a whole lot of nutrition. They are excellent in reducing pain and inflammation and they are also a great source of proteins. If you are a vegetarian you should include hemp seeds in your diet to make sure that you get enough protein. There are many ways that you can consume these seeds you can, for example, add them to a pesto.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are also quite low calorie-wise one tablespoon contains about 70 calories. One important benefit of chia seeds is that they help you avoid weight gain and if you are already overweight they will help you lose weight. This is because they have a lot of fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer and also hastens digestion. Chia seeds are also excellent for heart health and they will give you stronger bones. You can add them to puddings if you dont like the taste you can neutralize it with vanilla extract.


Flaxseeds are also excellent for good nutrition. They are low in calories 75 in 2 tablespoons. Research has shown that they are excellent for preventing diabetes if diabetes runs in your family you should include these seeds in your diet. They are also an excellent source t of Omega 3s in fact, they are a better source than salmon. Flax seeds are best eaten in your morning oatmeal. You can also snack on them during the day. Flaxseeds are also high in fiber so they can help you lose weight.

By including these seeds for nutrition you will enjoy much better health and you will also keep many diseases at bay.

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