Workouts for Losing Weight and Endurance

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Intense Cardiovascular Workouts for Losing Weight and Building Endurance

Cardiovascular workouts have several health benefits  . From walking on treadmills to jogging and running – cardio is designed to improve your respiratory performance and functionality. Cardio also increases your heart rate, which results in sweating and fat being burned. Similarly, cardio helps to boost your metabolism rates resulting in more calories being burned. While the ultimate goal of cardiovascular exercises are to effectively shed those unwanted pounds, there are ways to speed or expedite your results.  Interval training is in fact considered the best way to make the most of any cardio plan or regimen.

Interval Training and Quick Bursts

Interval training, as the name suggests, is designed to secure better results with exercise intervals. For example: you can walk on the treadmill for a few minutes before bursting into a quick run for a minute. After the minute is up, simply slow and cool down back to your original pace. Repeat this method every few minutes within a 15 or 30 minute time frame for maximum results. This form of cardio increases the heart rate and gets the blood flowing for a minute or so. The body sweats and more fat and calories are being burned during this time. Once the interval is up, you get back to your normal heart rate and pace on the treadmill. Now the same thing can also be done while jogging or running outside.

Quick bursts in cardio workouts, according to scientific studies,  foster better results than just regular treadmill walking. You can also do the same on elliptical climbers and bikes; however, it seems easier on a treadmill.  Metabolism ratesincrease as well, by suddenly speeding up your heart rate.  Improving blood flow to and from the heart, along with enhancing breathing and respiratory function. According to leading fitness trainers, it is best to train under the tutelage of an instructor. This way, they can keep track of your blood pressure, BMI, and other essentials as you train. Trainers can also formulate a strategic weight loss and nutritional guidance plan to achieve all your desired results.

Cardio is King

Cardio workouts are king when it comes to losing weight and feeling great. There is no other exercise that does as much for the body than cardio. Even free, and circuit weight training is not able to enhance the respiratory systems, while helping the body gain speed, endurance and agility across the board. Cardio is also known to replenish depleted energy levels, and helps convert fat into lean, healthy and attractive muscle.


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